work from 2012!
work from 2012! | $1/per week | Expires:3018-10-01
work from 2012!
Expires: 3018-10-01
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Added: Aug 16th, 2018
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Plans: 5% - 15% per month

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Last payment:Apr-02,2019
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100% RCB
Min Deposit: 1$
Max Deposit: 100,000$
Referral: 1%
Withdrawal: Manual

PerfectMoney Bitcoin
Investment: $1,000,000.00 Payout: 101%
User Rating: 10.0 (7 votes) Listed: 336 days

 Program Description 
Welcome to hyip site!
I'm main admin of It's a hyip monitor which work from 2012 year. I'm took part in many projects, saw big scams and big profits. I have big experience in hyip sphere. I have many contacts of hyip admins, participate in secret chats and communities, that's why i have a lot of information about new hyips. Projects, in which i invest you can see on site:

I plan to make investments in offline business, I know a few of the successful directions for business, I think that in the future I will suggest investors to earn and in these spheres too. Big advantage for clients in investment in offline spheres - the fact that equipment will be as formal guarantee for investors.

Directions of investment:
1) Investments in hyips
2) Investments in ICO, cryptocurrencies
3) Investments into real business: vending business (guarantee of deposit - vending machines)
4) Investments into real business: purchase of property of debtors at auctions and take part in tender auctions (guarantee of deposit - the acquired rights, property)
5) Investments into real business: rent business (guarantee of deposit - real estate)
6) Investments into real business: online stores (guarantee of deposit - commodity rest)
7) Investments into real business: shops (guarantee of deposit - commodity rest)

You can receive all confirmation of investments at any time when you want!
Completely transparent investments for investors, and also photo confirmation of real business. And also i'm ready to sign the loan agreement with investors, or give a share in business.

I have many ideas, big experience and want to earn together with you!

Administration of this site is not responsible for projects / companies located on the site. The information on this site is exploratory in nature and is not a call to invest. Each visitor takes all the risks of investing only on themselves. We do not recommend that you spend what you can not afford to lose.
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